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Bozena&Lukasz Pruski
2003-04-03 00:58:24

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Gary Sprung
2003-03-21 22:28:30

Edit Message  usa.gif  gary@gnurps.com  
Happiness to you both. From a fellow Brownie.
Mary Beth and JJ
2003-03-20 16:50:00

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Hey Jeremy and Marysia!!

We are Jeremy's old buddies in Tucson, the baked apple!

Congrats on finding each other.

Best wishes for happy days on top of happy days.

[I can't get the "smileys" to work or I'd plaster this message with silliness!]

oh joy ... mary beth
2003-03-18 09:27:17

Edit Message  jbutler@ua.edu  www.tcf.ua.edu/jbutler/  
Mas, é a idioma mais bonita no mundo!

2003-03-18 08:42:31

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Jeremy, after all these years, that very lucky and wonderful lady finally nabbed you! Congratulations to both of you! Have a very happy life together.
2003-03-12 20:31:03

Edit Message  mgalbrai@nc.ua.edu  
I'm glad you and your mother can make it! I'm also glad so many Beredays (and Galbraiths, too) will be there to celebrate with us!

2003-03-11 00:48:45

Edit Message  turkey.gif  kryshpower@yahoo.com  
To the Happy Couple,
Many congrats and best wishes! Mary (my Mom) and I will be there...I will be VERY glad to come to a place where there is NO SNOW for a few days. XOXOX from the New York/New England Bereday branch of the family!
2003-02-27 10:28:17

Edit Message  jbutler@ua.edu  www.tcf.ua.edu/jbutler/  
Good to hear, finally, from a Wells cousin, Babe/Lydia!

And I'm intrigued that you're getting back to your Swiss "roots" (as indicated by the flag in your message). Why, I remember when we were pen pals in the '60s and you hated Switzerland because you couldn't have a dog there!

2003-02-26 10:44:56

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Dear "Germy,"

(well, SOMEbody had to chime in for the cousins...)

Heartfelt best wishes to you and Marysia!!!

Increase the peace!

All best love,
Babe xx

2003-02-13 16:19:44

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Great couple. Exciting wedding plans. Looking forward to being there.
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